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Friday, November 20, 2015

Heavenly Father's Plan

I love all four seasons but I think autumn might just be my favorite.  With the cooler temperatures come hearty soups, pumpkin pies, slow-cooked stews, and marshmallows drowning in hot chocolate.  And perhaps best of all is the stunning display that the changing leaves offer us before they are lost to winter.

On a brisk October morning in the fall of ’98, I went with my family on an outing along the river.  While on that walk my husband and I reflected on those things that matter most – our family, our health and the happiness that comes with an understanding of why we are here on earth.  As we were experiencing the autumn forest and our three young children were darting in and around the aspen trees, the inspiration for this piece came.

The song with its two-part melody was written for children’s voices.  I so appreciate my FANTASTIC group of singers who recently made this recording with me.  Your brightness and enthusiasm make me smile!   I cannot thank you enough.

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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Dearest Children, God Is Near You

How far back can you remember?  What are some of your earliest recollections?  To this day every time I open a box of crayons the smell carries me back in time to my grandparent’s house.  I am under the dining room table with my sisters and we are coloring away in our Bozo the Clown and Tom & Jerry coloring books. 

When I was young, if my mom was looking for me, she would often find me up a tree.  I got to where I could climb the tree in our front yard without even thinking.  I had to jump up with both hands and catch the lowest limb.  Then I’d throw one leg around that limb and with my other shin pushed up against the trunk, I would shift my hand to a higher branch, flip myself up and disappear into the leaves. My siblings and I spent hours up there.  It was so relaxing and freeing.  The tree became like an old friend. We got so fast it seemed like we could almost fly up it.   

I remember family visits to see my great-grandmother, Ida Rose.  I’m not sure, but I’d like to think that I stopped to hug her before making a beeline to the candy dish on her TV.  It was always filled to overflowing with white mint candies with green centers.  I loved them.

This arrangement of Dearest Children, God Is Near You is for my second grandchild, Seth Morton Hutchings. 

He turned two this month.  He is SO MUCH FUN!!!  He loves playing ball and learning to swim.  He tries to keep up with his big brother and thinks he can do anything Josh can do. His smile is contagious. He’s so lovable and he helps me remember what it was like to be a child discovering the joy in each new day.

God loves us more than we can imagine.  In Matthew 18:4 we are told that whosoever shall humble himself as a little child, the same is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.  I believe it.  When I am around Seth I feel close to heaven.  He is filled with a sweet innocence that makes me wish I could freeze time and hold onto him for just a little while longer. 

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Joshua’s Theme

Eight days ago the life of Josh Hutchings changed forever.  And the reason is that eight days ago, five-year-old Joshua Charles Hutchings started school.  This will surely prove to be an epic year for him since it’s common knowledge that all you really need to know in life you learn in kindergarten. 

For the last five years this little guy has lit up my world.  He is bright, playful, funny, athletic, and puts the Energizer Bunny to shame.  Plus he is a great big brother to Seth.  Being a grandparent rocks!  It doesn’t get any better than this.  Love you, Josh!!!

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Monday, August 3, 2015

The Voice

Chuck and I have a new hobby.  We have taken up star-gazing.  We love silently observing the night sky, our spirits communing with the Infinite.

As children we were taught to pray to our Father in Heaven and that He will hear us just as an earthly father listens to us.  Our God is in his heaven and He is available to us.  He hears and answers prayers.  What tone will the Lord use to speak to us when He answers those prayers?  If we expect the spectacular, we may miss the quiet whisperings of the spirit.  It is a beautiful thing to feel his nearness and the love He has for us.

We wrote this piece about twenty years ago.  The inspiration came mostly from a blending of the 23rd Psalm and 1 Kings, Chapter 19 along with a smattering of other Old and New Testament references.

Thank you Jim Knox, for lending your incredible voice to this recording.  Thank you so very much!!

          I walked through the valley of darkness
          And searched for a path I could follow
          To lead me away from the shadows of fear.
          I prayed for a voice from heav’n
          And waited for thunder and light’ning and fire
          And a roar as the waves of the sea.
          But a God of power had saved, in his wisdom,
          Another of his voices for me.
          And then,
          As the breath of a whispering wind,
          A still small voice burned deep in my heart
          And God whispered peace to my soul.
               Let the wind rend the mountains,
               Let the waves leap their bounds.
               Let the thunder and light’ning prevail
               ‘Cause I prayed for a voice out of heaven
               When as soft as a breeze, as the warmth of the sun
               The breath of a whisper did come
               And my Father, my God, warmed my heart.
               My God whispered peace to my soul.
          I fear no evil
          Though I walk through the valley of thunder, and light’ning and fire
          ‘Cause my God will breathe peace to my heart.


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Saturday, June 13, 2015

O My Father & Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring

Let me tell you about my dad . . .

My dad is supportive. He has always encouraged us to be ourselves.  When other eight-year-old girls were asking for Easy Bake ovens and Barbies for Christmas, the items topping my list were Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Robots, a baseball mitt, and a pogo stick.  And Santa never let me down.  

My dad is funny.  He has the ability to see the humor in life.  It’s in his blood.  He comes from a long line of happy people. Whether we were getting snowed on in July on a summer outing or getting rained out of our tent at Yellowstone, he always saw the good in things.  He taught us to look for rainbows during the storm. 

My dad is humble.  A chemist by trade, he would be the last one to tell you that he helped develop those little packets of powder that come with fresh cut flowers to extend their life and luster.  His influence has definitely added a luster to my life.  He seems to radiate light – a light that you can’t help but be drawn to. 

My dad is competitive.  Every time I come home to visit, my mom makes my favorite lemon meringue pie.  It goes without saying that Dad and I always have a contest to see who can eat the most pie over the course of my visit.  Sometimes I win.  Sometimes he wins.  I think he cheats.

My dad is a man of faith.  On many occasions I have heard him share his testimony of the love that he has for our brother, Jesus Christ.  And that each of us are spirit children of loving heavenly parents, created in their image and endowed with their potential.  

My dad notices things like cloud formations and a mountain’s reflection in the lake.  He would drive 11 hours just to see his granddaughter high jump at district finals. He is patient. He leads by example. He makes the best tri tip in the world. He takes time to listen and gives good advice.  My dad has very few flaws.  One of them, however, is that he likes Good and Plenty candies.  I just don’t get that. 

My dad loves unconditionally.  He puts his family above himself.  He adores his wife, children, grand children, and great grand children and in return he is loved by all.  I have the greatest dad in the world.   

For you, Dad, for Father’s Day . . .

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Thursday, May 7, 2015

I Stand All Amazed

Looking back it’s clear to me that the home I grew up in was special.  I was provided with food and shelter, safety and security.  But there was something more.  It had less to do with the structure of the house and everything to do with dear, loving parents.  For the moment I want to focus on my mom.

Some of the greatest gifts I have been given I’ve received at the hands of my mother.   First and foremost is the gift of life itself.  Hers was the first smile I saw.  Countless nights she rocked me to sleep singing Pennies from Heaven.  Her love and nurturing helped me start my journey through life on solid ground.

My mom has taught me so many things.  I remember vividly the day she taught me to water ski.  I was eight years old.  We were camped at Woodward Reservoir.  My Grandpa Nott kept the boat parallel to the shore while I was learning.  Mom stayed in the water coaching me.  When I was poised to take off she would yell, “Hit it!”  The boat would surge, I would try to come up, my wobbly legs would fail me and down I would go.  Each time I fell she would swim to me with her smile and encouraging words.  After about my fourth try I popped up out of the water and took off gliding around the lake as I had seen her do so often with such grace. 

She provided me with opportunities to discover my connection with Mother Earth and gain an appreciation for nature. I treasure memories of our bright family outings.  We had more than our fair share of them.  I love every mountain range I have ever seen, but there is something about the area you first explored in your youth. To me, the majesty of the Sierra Nevadas has no rival.  My mom introduced me to lakes and streams and snow.  With her I uncovered the beauty of rocks, of hillsides, of sunlight through the trees.  I share my mother’s love of the ocean. Nothing compares to the peace I feel looking out at the sea. 

She helped me understand the strength and joy of family and the ties that bind.  I would not have come to study music were it not for her encouragement and willingness to sacrifice for me.  And from her example I have gained a deep and abiding love for our Savior, Jesus Christ.
My childhood was filled with fun and sun, with songs and laughter, and with a reverence for God and His creations.  I am afraid I owe my mom a debt I can never repay.  All I can do is take what she has given me -- this love for family and nature, for music, and for our God and pass it along to my children. They, in turn, can teach their children and in so doing a mother’s influence will live on.

My mother gave me the world! She is my Jackie O.

For you, mom, with love . . . 

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Sunday, March 15, 2015

While of These Emblems We Partake

I love the organ.  No other instrument comes close to producing such noble and powerful sounds.  But it can be a bit of a beast to play.  I would have loved to attend one of Alexander Schreiner’s Bach recitals in the Salt Lake Tabernacle.  Nine of his hymns are included in the 1985 edition of the Latter-day Saint hymnal.  I chose one of them for my fifth prelude.   

Fun fact:  When Chuck’s Grandpa Hutchings was on his mission in Germany, he and his companion would operate the bellows of the organ while 11-year-old Alex would play.  Based on his uncle’s recollection, this was done at one of the big Lutheran churches, probably in Nuremberg.

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