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Monday, June 25, 2012

And Angels Cried

When my husband and I write songs together what usually happens is I write the music first and then I hand it over to him to add lyrics.  We’ve found that it’s easier on our marriage that way.  =)

I was studying music theory back in ‘96 when I was first introduced to the concept of falling fifths. I instantly fell in love with the idea.  I got home from class, sat down at the piano and was just experimenting with the simplicity of the notion when I realized that I was on to something.  I hurried and started jotting down the notes as fast as I could.  That little experiment would later become the chorus of this song.  Once I finished the music I knew I liked it, but I had no idea how much the piece would impact me until Chuck added his lyrics.  The subject he chose to focus on was the betrayal, trial and crucifixion of Christ.

With a kiss

The son of man had been betrayed.

“Whom seek ye?”
“Jesus of Nazareth.”
“I am he.”

Then swords were drawn
A wounded guard
Twelve legions of angels waited,
Wanted to fall on earth
To defend their king.

But He withheld the command.
Stretched forth his hand
And healed the wounded man.

They bound his hands
They led him away
And then, with justice stayed,
Began the trial of lies.

Silence spoke defense
He let them falsely try his fate.
They accused him then they spat upon his face.
A crown of thorns,
A whip of thongs.
They stripped and then they beat him.
Angels turned their heads and cried,
“Please let us fall to his side.”

Said He,
“Thus it must be,
To this end came I to the world.”

“Behold your king.
Shall I crucify your king?”
“We have no king,” they cried
And angels cried.

They nailed his hands.
Night burned the day.
The earth and angels trembled,
Turned away as they crucified the king.

From the dead
He arose in glory
Still He lives
And angels cry with joy. 

This recording features the outstanding voice of Debbie Anderson Hutchings.  Added bonus—she’s my sister-in-law. 

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[FYI - Circle progressions or falling fifths are the strongest and most common harmonic chord progressions with adjacent roots in ascending 4th or descending 5th relationships.]


  1. I love this song so much! I remember pulling it out a couple years ago when you were at work and trying to play it and the lyrics made me tear up. So, so beautiful

  2. This is such a beautiful song! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Thank you so much for allowing God to use you to reach the world.