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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hearts that Come Home

When you think of home what feelings come to mind?  I asked my family what their definition of “home” is.   This is how they replied:  “Home is a peaceful heart . . . it’s where you always want to be . . . it’s where your heart feels coziest and warm, like being wrapped in a security blanket . . . a crackling fire in the woodstove . . . it’s where a heart is happy . . . a sanctuary from the world . . .. Home is what you imagine heaven to be like.”   

Home to me is laughter and music.  It’s barbecues and slide shows and lemon meringue pie.  It’s family and love and cherished memories.    With Hearts that Come Home I’ve tried to embody some of that warmth and tranquility. There truly is no place like home. 

To download the SHEET MUSIC click HERE

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