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Saturday, December 1, 2018

Angels We Have Heard on High & Bach’s Air

For years now every Christmas I consider writing an arrangement of Angels We Have Heard on High for violin and piano.  But then New Years rolls around and it remains nothing more than a fleeting thought.  I think I’ve always shied away from the challenge because the hymn is so perfect just as it is with those beautiful floating harmonies with angels singing “Gloria in excelsis Deo,” announcing Christ’s birth to the shepherds.  

Well, I guess this year is different.  I mustered up the courage and went for it.  I even had the audacity to mesh it with Bach’s masterpiece ‘Air on the G String.’  I must be crazy. (Goes without saying)

This piece was written for my niece, Emma Womack.  She and I go way back — 17 years to be exact.  We’ve shared some great times . . .  park sessions, hiking, jamming to Rock Band video games, and the infamous beach house water balloon fight--proving once and for all that women reign supreme.  Everything from soccer to snorkeling and always made better when followed up with string cheese and Spaghettios.

Making the music video was a blast.  Thank you Emma again and again.  Gracias sound man, Chuck.  Also a huge thanks goes to the combined genius of Jesse and Mitch for filming and producing the video and to all those who braved the freezing temperatures in order to make it happen over Thanksgiving break when we all converged for a few short days.  

Emma picked up a viola at age 10 and hasnt looked back. The sky is the limit for this niece of mine.  Go Emma, Go!!

Click HERE to download arrangement for the PIANO part
Click HERE to download arrangement for the VIOLIN part
Click HERE to download arrangement for PIANO & VIOLIN together


  1. Love this my friend! I would love to transpose for cello as well. Hope you don't mind if I do that. Miss you sista!

  2. This is beautiful. Is it possible to just record the piano so that a student trying to learn the violin could play along with the accompaniment and not the accompaniment AND the violin?

    1. Thanks so much. Yes, I do have an mp3 of the piano only. If you send me your email I will forward it on to you.

  3. I'D also like to have the piano part, my daughter is a violin student and would love to play this in church, but person who accompany wont be there. Can you please it?

    1. I would be glad to email the mp3 to you. What's your email address?