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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

The Circus

When I was 13 my family and I traveled to Los Angeles to see the Greatest Show on Earth.  The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus did not disappoint.  Everything seemed larger than life — the sights, the sounds, the popcorn and peanuts (mmmmm circus peanuts).

photo by Dave Crockett

This is a fun little class assignment from my college days. I tried to capture some of the magic that my young eyes perceived.  Plus you can’t miss the influence of Scott Joplin here and there. 

Just for kicks I looked up the life-is-a-circus metaphor.  I liked Dani DiPirro's five lessons from inside the big top:

  Be the ringmaster.  It’s your life.
  You’re on a tightrope.  Keep your balance.
  Toss your hat in the ring.  Get involved.
  Set up a sturdy net.  You will need back-up.
  Clown around.  Life’s too short to be serious.

Chuck thinks I should add one more . . . 

   •  Don’t step in the elephant poop.

Have fun!

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