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Sunday, February 9, 2020

Let the Holy Spirit Guide

The Holy Ghost.  The third member of the Godhead.  A personage of spirit, He teaches us what to do and where to go.  Yet as I go about life His influence can be easy to miss because He often speaks in a still, small voice.  I love that the sign of the dove has been given as a calm, serene, peaceful witness for the Holy Ghost.

George Reynolds stated, “The Holy Spirit is also something which we, for lack of better terms, may characterize as energy, a force, a power, an influence, which proceedeth from the Godhead and fills the universe, both the visible and invisible. This energy, this influence, can be poured out; the inner man can be immersed in it as the body in the waters of baptism.”

LeGrand Richards shared that the Holy Ghost is in the medium through whom God and his Son, Jesus Christ, communicate with us upon the earth, unless through personal visitation.  The Holy Ghost enlightens our minds and gives us the knowledge and the truth when we have faith in Christ and seek sincerely in order that we may accept the truth. 

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