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Monday, April 20, 2020

I Need Thee Every Hour

I am the luckiest.  For most of my childhood I was blessed having both of my grandmothers living in my hometown. It was an added bonus having two great grandmothers nearby as well.  A special bond exists between grandmothers and granddaughters.  We had silly sleepovers, crazy fun outdoor adventures and warm family gatherings.  

And there was music.  When I first began accompanying the children in Sunday School, Grandma Jennie was the music director.  I loved hearing her play her autoharp. Each year the family laughed and laughed as we performed the bells at Christmas time.  I would ride my bike over to her house to practice her organ when I was around ten.  I still remember one day taking a break from my practicing so that she could teach me to dance the cha cha.  Oh how we giggled!   

Singing around the piano, Grandma Nott would request her three favorites: Minuet Waltz, Blue Moon and I Need Thee Every Hour.  She sang straight from her heart.  She was born and raised in Texas, and if there’s one thing a Texan knows, it’s how to sing a plaintive melody.  My sisters and I would always ask her to sing the folk songs she learned from her mother that tugged at our heartstrings.  

This arrangement is dedicated to my beautiful grandmothers.  It was written for three-part women’s voices.  It’s a little on the low side.   Here in the video my daughter sings it alone (er… as a duet if you count Skylee).  To perform it as a solo, simply sing the second soprano part until measure 28 and then jump up to the first soprano.  Thanks again and again Jesse for the video!!!  You ROCK!!!  I am also including an instrumental audio version with three part harmony. 

Click HERE to download free sheet music

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