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Friday, April 30, 2021

Keziah's Theme

We are pretty excited around here.  My daughter Jesse’s second book just came out on Amazon.  While My Brother Sleeps is historical fiction based on a story in the Book of Mormon.

Here is a brief synopsis in her own words:

When her city is captured by her sworn enemies, the last thing Keziah expected was to battle feelings of forbidden love for the military captain of the Lamanite army. Along with the pain they had caused her people for generations, Keziah had a mark of hatred burned inside of her heart for intimate reason. They were the Blood Hunters. Follow along as she learns lessons from her ancestors of courage, love, forgiveness, and fighting for what she truly believes in.

While My Brother Sleeps is a captivating book and I highly recommend it — not biased or anything.  I had the privilege of writing the music for the promo trailer for the book.  Our little Skylee portrays a young Keziah in the video.

I stripped down the sheet music for just piano and flute, but the trailer version also includes vocals, wooden flute and percussion.  Video credit goes to Jesse too.  Way to go Jess!!  

Click HERE to download free sheet music  

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