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Saturday, June 13, 2015

O My Father & Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring

Let me tell you about my dad . . .

My dad is supportive. He has always encouraged us to be ourselves.  When other eight-year-old girls were asking for Easy Bake ovens and Barbies for Christmas, the items topping my list were Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Robots, a baseball mitt, and a pogo stick.  And Santa never let me down.  

My dad is funny.  He has the ability to see the humor in life.  It’s in his blood.  He comes from a long line of happy people. Whether we were getting snowed on in July on a summer outing or getting rained out of our tent at Yellowstone, he always saw the good in things.  He taught us to look for rainbows during the storm. 

My dad is humble.  A chemist by trade, he would be the last one to tell you that he helped develop those little packets of powder that come with fresh cut flowers to extend their life and luster.  His influence has definitely added a luster to my life.  He seems to radiate light – a light that you can’t help but be drawn to. 

My dad is competitive.  Every time I come home to visit, my mom makes my favorite lemon meringue pie.  It goes without saying that Dad and I always have a contest to see who can eat the most pie over the course of my visit.  Sometimes I win.  Sometimes he wins.  I think he cheats.

My dad is a man of faith.  On many occasions I have heard him share his testimony of the love that he has for our brother, Jesus Christ.  And that each of us are spirit children of loving heavenly parents, created in their image and endowed with their potential.  

My dad notices things like cloud formations and a mountain’s reflection in the lake.  He would drive 11 hours just to see his granddaughter high jump at district finals. He is patient. He leads by example. He makes the best tri tip in the world. He takes time to listen and gives good advice.  My dad has very few flaws.  One of them, however, is that he likes Good and Plenty candies.  I just don’t get that. 

My dad loves unconditionally.  He puts his family above himself.  He adores his wife, children, grand children, and great grand children and in return he is loved by all.  I have the greatest dad in the world.   

For you, Dad, for Father’s Day . . .

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  1. My dear dear daughter,your life,your love,your music enriches our family. Thank you for this wonderful Fathers Day gift!! I love you so very much!! 💝

  2. This is beautiful! Do you have this transposed to violin?

    1. Thank you Susan. I do have it transposed to violin. Just a disclaimer though ... I am not a string instrument player so forgive any mistakes in bow change omissions, etc. If you send me your email I'd be glad to send it on to you.