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Monday, August 3, 2015

The Voice

Chuck and I have a new hobby.  We have taken up star-gazing.  We love silently observing the night sky, our spirits communing with the Infinite.

As children we were taught to pray to our Father in Heaven and that He will hear us just as an earthly father listens to us.  Our God is in his heaven and He is available to us.  He hears and answers prayers.  What tone will the Lord use to speak to us when He answers those prayers?  If we expect the spectacular, we may miss the quiet whisperings of the spirit.  It is a beautiful thing to feel his nearness and the love He has for us.

We wrote this piece about twenty years ago.  The inspiration came mostly from a blending of the 23rd Psalm and 1 Kings, Chapter 19 along with a smattering of other Old and New Testament references.

Thank you Jim Knox, for lending your incredible voice to this recording.  Thank you so very much!!

          I walked through the valley of darkness
          And searched for a path I could follow
          To lead me away from the shadows of fear.
          I prayed for a voice from heav’n
          And waited for thunder and light’ning and fire
          And a roar as the waves of the sea.
          But a God of power had saved, in his wisdom,
          Another of his voices for me.
          And then,
          As the breath of a whispering wind,
          A still small voice burned deep in my heart
          And God whispered peace to my soul.
               Let the wind rend the mountains,
               Let the waves leap their bounds.
               Let the thunder and light’ning prevail
               ‘Cause I prayed for a voice out of heaven
               When as soft as a breeze, as the warmth of the sun
               The breath of a whisper did come
               And my Father, my God, warmed my heart.
               My God whispered peace to my soul.
          I fear no evil
          Though I walk through the valley of thunder, and light’ning and fire
          ‘Cause my God will breathe peace to my heart.


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  1. Love this post! I needed to hear this today. This song gives me chills every time!!