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Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Lord Is My Shepherd

I arranged this piano duet for my amazing daughter-in-law, Lisa.  One of the things that we both love about this hymn is the beautiful alto line.   Some hymns have inner voices that can become routine and even monotonous, but not this one.  Thomas Koschat highlights his moving alto line to the point that at times it shines brighter than all the rest.  For this reason, I have leaned heavily upon that voice.   

Midway through the piece, it shifts into a minor key for a while.  I wanted the music to reflect the idea that Christ, the Good Shepherd, will leave the ninety-nine and follow after the one that is lost, then lead it to “where the still waters flow.”

He knows us.  He loves us.  We are his and each of us holds a place in his heart. 

Click HERE to download free sheet music

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