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Monday, March 27, 2017

Far, Far Away

I wrote this piece back when I was in college. It is the result of an assignment I had been given in my composition class.  I was asked to choose a hymn from the hymnbook and jazz it up.  I’m sure my professor was attempting to steer me in the direction of writing with more of a structured form in mind. He told me I could do anything I wanted with it —to make it my own, but I had to stay within the bounds of the chosen hymn text.    

I’m thinking I must have been in a Billy Joel kind of mood when I wrote it because it really gets to rocking.  I actually performed the arrangement in class with a friend who sang my new melody of the hymn, but for this version I went ahead and left off the lyrics opting for a piano solo instead.  It doesn’t especially lend itself to Sunday worship, but it’s really fun to play.

Click HERE to download free sheet music

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