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Thursday, May 18, 2017

True to the Faith

There is strength in the rising generation--young people, valiant in their testimonies of Jesus Christ, standing tall defending truth and right.  They build upon the foundation of faith of those who have gone before. 

This arrangement of the hymn True to the Faith is for my sweet daughter-in-law, Elizabeth.  That’s her in the top left of the photo with her siblings.  It was taken a few years ago.  Elizabeth and I both love hiking along river trails in Central Oregon.  We love peach slushies from an unnamed fast food chain (*cough*Sonic*cough*).  We’re both rather fond of my son, Kenny, and we are both drawn to family history in ways that are hard to explain.  There is great knowledge and wisdom that can be gleaned from the past. 

Youth of today can find hidden treasures in their family’s heritage.  I know that I am constantly drawing upon the strength of my brave and steadfast ancestors as I plow through life’s challenges.  While writing this piece I reflected on how my grandparents and great grandparents seem to have a gravitational pull on my heart.  We are united not only by blood but in a common hope for eternity.  I love this line of poetry from Eliza R. Snow, “Our hearts beat upward and our spirits move in homeward currents, towards those we love.”  As the music reaches its climax at the final chorus I tried to simulate the rhythm of a heartbeat in the low tones for a few measures.  Hearts bound together.  “Blessed be the ties that bind generations.”  ~ Author Unknown.   

          True to the faith that our parents have cherished,
          True to the truth for which martyrs have perished,
          To God’s command,
          Soul, heart, and hand,
          Faithful and true we will ever stand.

                                                           -Evan Stephens

Click HERE to download free sheet music - Piano Part 1
Click HERE to download free sheet music - Piano Part 2

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