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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Come, Ye Children of the Lord

I am billing this as a prelude, but it might be better suited for postlude.   I’m finding that it is too difficult to not play it with energy and enthusiasm.

“Come, ye children of the Lord,
Let us sing with one accord.
Let us raise a joyful strain
To our Lord who soon will reign
On this earth when it shall be
Cleansed from all iniquity.
When all men from sin will cease,
And will live in love and peace.”
             - James H. Wallis

It’s beautiful to think of the world’s population singing “with one accord” in both the figurative and literal sense.  The notion of each and every voice singing in perfect harmony seems so enthralling.  Even more captivating, however, is the concept of no wars, no contentions--just one unified people living in peace.  I believe with all my heart that this will one day be a reality.  What a beautiful day it will be.
Prelude No. 10: Come, Ye Children of the Lord

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