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Friday, December 22, 2017

I Think When I Read That Sweet Story

In the last few months we have welcomed two new grandchildren into our lives — Charlie and Cora.  My heart is overflowing with love and admiration for these two little ones fresh from heaven.  It is amazing how it feels as if they have been a part of my life for so long, and yet we’ve only just met. 

December’s entry is an arrangement of a children’s song.  It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was singing it in my youth.  The lyrics are both tender and evocative:

I think when I read that sweet story of old,
When Jesus was here among men.
How he called little children like lambs to his fold;
I should like to have been with him then.

I wish that his hands had been placed on my head,
That his arms had been thrown around me,
That I might have seen his kind look when he said,
“Let the little ones come unto me.”
                                                                   by Jemima Luke

There is something about the innocence of children that softens the heart.  In Matthew 18:3 the Savior taught that only if we become as little children will we be allowed to enter into the kingdom of heaven.  I can tell you that when I am near my grandchildren I feel closer to heaven than at any other time.  I hope this Christmas finds you surrounded by those you love. 

Merry Christmas!!

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